Friday, 29 November 2019


The first question probably running through your mind is what is an eco-friendly elevator or rather what makes an elevator green. One thing to keep in mind is that energy consumption is key. The processes used, the machines required and the type of technologies used in getting the final product. It also involves the lighting used, the type of control panels used and the HVAC systems plus flooring and painting. All this contribute to an elevator being eco-friendly and becomes very key on its outlook and general operations.

Having these aspects in mind, engineers have come up with inventions such as Machine room less Technology which was initially introduced in the mid-1900s and the fact that miniature versions of the technology have sprung up it has made it much more convenient to run an elevator incorporating a gear less traction design. These elevators look to save up to 50% of energy reduction than earlier inventions. Some also make use of already used energy and recover the same energy used to put it back into the building’s electrical system. Looking at the large scale of things, you’d comfortably save a lot of energy in a month alone. They are generally referred to as regenerative drive system.
Open Shaft

There are current technologies that make use of double deck elevators or as we call them, group control systems for buildings with high traffic. It would ideally move traffic to one lift at a time and minimize on the number of stops it would have to make. You’d find one lift only makes stops to even numbered floors or it makes stops on odd numbered floors.
There’s also the use of in-cab sensors that allow elevators to go into idle mode, the same way phones would go to sleep mode when they’re not being used so as to save on energy used. Therefore, when the lights go out, the music stops, video screens are off and the ventilation system slows much of electricity and energy are saved up thus helping cut on costs incurred as well. Lastly we have the use of destination dispatch software that take elevator stops in batches and then makes all the necessary stops in one trip rather than having every single person going to one floor then wait for the next trip before they get to where they are going.

Friday, 15 November 2019


Chances of their being an accident on elevators any be slim unless because of very obvious reasons such as poor maintenance and intentional damage caused to the machine. Having used the proper mechanisms to install one, investing in the right quality is also important and more so following the right regulations beforehand is important. Other than that there may be more reasons as to why things could go wrong in an elevator. They include;

1. Malfunctioning Pulley System
In the case the elevator may have very rapid drops. It’s very unlikely that the cables holding the elevator in place would break and even if they do there are other multiple cables holding the car weight unlike what we see in some movies. What would be more worrying is if there is a problem with the pulley then the car would be tossing passengers around and then cause injury to passengers. 

2. If there is a faulty wire
Most elevators now are electric therefore are bound to have some electrical interference or issues. It could cause the controls to malfunction and or cause one to be electrocuted. Unless you know your way around a circuit advised that you don’t start messing with it.

3. When there’ a poor alignment
For example, if the elevator car is not on the same level as the floor, it’s very easy for one to just stumble into the elevator and inflict pain on yourself. This kind of issue is usually referred to as unbalanced leveling and tends to cause much worse injuries. One is likely to get a head injury or fractures thus more need to be wary and cautious when going into an elevator.

4. A malfunctioning door 
Today’s elevators are designed with the passenger’s safety set as top priority therefore would not easily start moving or close when the passenger is still at the door. Without the right experienced maintenance workers, things can really go from bad to worse for a passenger as well as the worker in some cases.

5. Errors in maintenance
In an instance where the maintenance crew shut off an elevator while there are passengers still on board or in a case where they shut it off while someone is alighting or boarding the elevator. The many scenarios in which things can go wrong are plenty.

6. An Open shaft
There are instances where the doors open when they are not supposed to because they are yet to reach a landing. If they don’t put a warning sign or proper precautions used, someone can easily through the shaft and end up falling so many floors down.
Though they are safe, without proper maintenance and precautions taken during maintenance, damages may be colossal. More so, when you incur an injury in one, it’s important to stay calm and seek medical help and even so make use of the Call Operations Panel to ask for assistance.

Friday, 1 November 2019



This is our first blog therefore, we thought to make give you information on all you need to know about Volkslift and what we do. Elevators started all the way back in 1880 after Wener Von Siemens made the first electric elevator. Traditional elevators mostly involved the use of pulleys and winches but with this innovation it later came to revolutionize escalators and elevators. The very first elevators were called hoists. We have moved from hydraulic powered elevators to machine room and machine room less elevators making them much more efficient, faster and more convenient for people.

So many myths revolve around elevators but one thing for sure statistically speaking, elevators are much safer than cars probably because they have a very slim chance of breaking on their own and even smaller chance they would cause an accident because they have automated pathways and have much safer security precautions.

Today, modern elevators have proven quite useful and still very relevant as we have most high-rise buildings using them and more so saves on time instead of using stairs. Did you know that most space stations have elevators to help transport people to the space station?

America alone has over 700,000 elevators thus making it a possibility that they could carry an equal population number of the earth after every three days. They have helped increase mobility, accessibility and heightened our experience and our view of the world. The notion reach for the stars will no longer just be a saying we pass around but an actual reality. Volkslift aims to help achieve this reality but of course using the best quality by encompassing by encompassing German technologies and more so having the best experienced professionals.

While still on this elevating concept we should also look at other means of transportation and see how escalators and walkways have also contributed to this feat. They are convenient for short distances and useful for short distances. The world has new concepts, new ideas and new innovations every other day so questions you should ask yourself is where does your future lie.